I’m experienced in writing for the web and all my stories have written content associated with them.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Radio National 

Gardening on Mars won’t be as easy as Matt Damon made it look, but it’s not impossible (February 2018)

Thanksgiving dinner: A time of weird and wonderful family food traditions (November 2017)

Introducing aquafaba: the new vegan miracle food made of smelly bean water (August 2016)

New young love for vintage caravans (April 2016)

Intelligent design or hot desk mess? The merits of the modern office (February 2016)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Life 

Cooking for one can be an act of self-care, not just a chore (January 2019)

The Age

Gut feeling: the swallowable gut sensor that could replace a colonoscopy (January 2017)

The Citizen

Beyond hype: what happens when Olympic venues grow old? (August 2016)

The getting of Pokewisdom (July 2016)

More women artists lighting up Fitzroy streetscape (July 2016)

Planking with Pete: how I got to hang out with a TV news anchor (May 2016)

The beauty of bullets: when paying lip service started with a 303 cartridge (April 2016)

All of my work from The Citizen

The Westsider

Wheelin’ Women (September 2015)

Homegrown Musician is a Modern One-Man-Band (April 2016)


Writing complements my primary medium for journalism, audio stories. I also create video for some of these stories.