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Radio Packages – Radio National

Italian night pastries (December 2019)

The neighbourhood Mussolini dreamt up (October 2019)

Late starters, sore joints, running gait (Sporty – October 2019)

Love amongst the weeds (March 2019)

Need friends? There’s an app for that (Life Matters – February 2019)

Penne for your thoughts about Italian pasta (February 2019)

Finding calm in an urban sanctuary (November 2018)

The death of the critic (March 2018)

Persian New Year traditions: haft seen table and sabzi polo (March 2018)

Lunar New Year festival of food (February 2018)

Giving thanks for family food traditions (November 2017)

Those Imagined Cities (Books and Arts – September 2016)

Aquafaba: a vegan miracle (January 2016)

Lost and Found (nee Last Half Hour)

Lost and Found: Active (April 2019)

Lost and Found: Helsinki (February 2019)

Lost and Found: The Office (February 2019)

Last Half Hour: Comfort (November 2018)

Last Half Hour: China (September 2018)

Last Half Hour: Ice (August 2018)

Last Half Hour: Sharing (August 2018)

Last Half Hour: Apples (July 2018)

Last Half Hour: Waste (July 2018)

Last Half Hour: Grids (May 2018)

Last Half Hour: Bowls (May 2018)

Last Half Hour: Texture (March 2018)

Last Half Hour: Vivid (February 2018)

Last Half Hour: Vulgarity (February 2018)

Last Half Hour: Serenity (February 2018)

Last Half Hour: Pleasure (February 2018)

Last Half Hour: Time (January 2018)

Radio Stories

Here are some of the favourite stories I have produced for the ABC.

The fish wars are coming (October 2018)

When imposters take over (September 2018)

Step up to the bug buffet (September 2018)

Sense of Place: Roma Agrawal, The Shard, London (July 2018)

Designing a Ringtone (May 2018)

Figure skating costumes: the fusion of fashion and function (February 2018)

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