Spiraled from Sports Illustrated Studios and 101 Studios
Spiraled – (senior producer) an 8-part investigation based on
The Philadelphia Eagles

Return Game: Birds, ‘Boys and Bad Blood (producer and editor)
Return Game: House of Pain Game (producer and editor)
Feeding the Birds (producer)
Eagles Update (producer)
Journey to the Draft and Eagle Eye in the Sky (fill-in producer)


Half-Vaxxed – WHYY (lead producer)
The Why – WHYY (producer)
Take on Board with Helga Svendsen (producer)
Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability: Research to Practice (producer)
Secret Life of STEM – (producer, editor and co-host)
Starting Somewhere – (producer, editor and co-host)
Masterclass – (producer)
Little Red Podcast – (producer)

Original Reporting

What will humans eat on Mars? Earthbound researchers are cultivating menu choices (The Pulse – NPR – July 2021)
No prizes, few rules. To Crush the Commonwealth, just ‘ride yer damn bike’ across Pa. (WHYY – May 2021)
Working on a sharp new look for Philly’s 120-year-old tall ship, Gazela (WHYY – April 2021)
Coronavirus spurs a digital housewarming, very casual, pants optional? (WHYY – April 2020)
Why We Need Friends — Especially Now (The Pulse – NPR -March 2020)
Italian night pastries (ABC Radio National – December 2019)
The neighbourhood Mussolini dreamt up (ABC Radio National – October 2019)
Late starters, sore joints, running gait (ABC Radio National – October 2019)
Love amongst the weeds (ABC Radio National – March 2019)
Need friends? There’s an app for that (ABC Radio National – February 2019)
Penne for your thoughts about Italian pasta (ABC Radio National -February 2019)
Persian New Year traditions: haft seen table and sabzi polo (ABC Radio National – March 2018)
Lunar New Year festival of food (ABC Radio National – February 2018)
Giving thanks for family food traditions (ABC Radio National -November 2017)
Those Imagined Cities (ABC Radio National – September 2016)
Aquafaba: a vegan miracle (ABC Radio National – January 2016)