Get buzzing: the rise of urban beekeeper

This post originally appeared on: ABC Radio National – Blueprint for Living, Saturday 27 Jan 2018 9:35AM How many bees have you seen recently? One? A hundred? It’s difficult to know how the global populations of these busy workers are doing as they battle pesticides and pollution to pollinate our fruit, flowers and vegetables. Some people are

Paella Festival

This post originally appeared on: ABC Radio National – Blueprint for Living, Saturday 29 April 2017 9:19AM Paella is Spain’s most recognisable dish. Originally a peasant dish, it was developed to use accessible and seasonal ingredients so the variations are endless. Chef Frank Camorra of Melbourne’s Movida shares the history of paella, the key components to

Journalism award + Schiavon Scholarship

I was very proud to be nominated and to receive the 2016 JEAA Ossie award for Best Audio Story by an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student over 2 minutes. This was for the Aquafaba piece that originally aired on Radio National, August 20, 2016. The annual Ossie Awards, named after journalist Osmar S. White, are organised by the

The art of the long-form interview often a case of “good old fashioned empathy”

his post originally appeared on The Citizen, Saturday 29 October 2016 Aspiring journalists have been told the secret to successful longform interviewing lies in dedicating hours towards research, combined with big doses of “good old-fashioned empathy”. “Interviewing is a right and a privilege,” said Melbourne journalist Ramona Koval, who added that the notion of trust between an interviewer

Catch up on your sleep (pod)

This post originally appeared on: ABC Radio National – Blueprint for Living, Saturday 8 October 2016 9:30AM Most of us feel we are not getting enough sleep and research backs this up. Companies like Google and PricewaterhouseCoopers are giving their employees a place to unwind and even nap during the work day to help productivity and

Taking podcasting to the people: OzPod 2016

Podcasters great and small, amateurs and pros, have come together at OzPod 2016(link is external) to discuss the state of this emerging industry in Australia and how the talent gap with the podcasting powerhouse, the US, can be narrowed. The inaugural Australian Podcast Conference took place at the ABC’s Ultimo headquarters in Sydney at the weekend. Buffy Gorrilla spoke with

How bluestone came to frame a city

Bluestone. Victoria would not be Victoria without it, and Melbourne would look very different without its historical laneways or its dark and brooding colonial edifices. Think St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Old Melbourne Gaol, and the modern bluestone incarnation that is the National Gallery of Victoria. But where did bluestone come from and why are Victorians so attached to